Leadership talk

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Today mrs Montgomery talked to all the student s in grade 5 to how to be a good leader.

Mrs Montgomery had 7 inportent points to be a good leader they were

Honesty: you need to be honest to be a leader or people won’t trust you.

Listening: you have to listen to others ideas and not only think about ourself.

Trust : you need to trust your friends or nothing will work out.

Stay strong: you need to stand up for yourself and let people know your opinion.

Sense of humour: you need to have humour and make things  fun and laugh with others not at them.

Team work: you need to work well with people in your team or you can’t be a leader if you don’t work well with others.

Focusing on what’s important: you need to know what’s more important  for example is playing your Xbox more important than your homework which is due tomorow.

These were all the points that mrs Montgomery gave us.

Soon this after noon a police man is coming to talk about leader ship in the community as well.

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