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Yesterday we went to the Victorian space science education centre.

We learnt about static electricity in the first quarter and we played with theses magnetic wands that makes foil fly.





In the second quarter we made our own dancing robot with a simple electrical circuit which included a motor some clip wires and a battery. After we made them we gave them upgrades and battled them with other robots. My robot had plastic swords that were swung in circles by the motor which knocked other robots of the table.

In the second halve we went to put on some spacesuits and did a activity we split into two teams and I was in mission control. I had to make sure everything was ready for the launch and I had to make sure whenever there was an error I had to fix it as fast as I could. In the end 2 people died in the ship because of radiation.

Now it was my turn to be in the spaceship in there we did some science experiments and communicated with the command centre. My parter was Kevin and I did the cabbage acidity test. We made a mix out of red cabbage and put different things in the liquid and it changed colour.

It was the best excursion I had ever.

Here is a pictures of us in our spacesuits.



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