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This will be my last ever post on this blog as next year I won’t be able to keep this blog. This post will be about my highlights in grade five. Grade five was a great year.

My favourites was the grade five camp it was the best (school) camp I had ever been on. My favourite activitiy was abeselleing it was my first time ever to abeseil. When I got to the top of the Clift I wasn’t sure to go on or not but I went down and I enjoyed it and went down 2 more times.

My second highlight was the vessel excursion it was the best excursion I had been on apart from camp. It was my favourite because we got to build dancing robots but my friend and myself modified it to be a pipecleaner sword swing robot and we battled other robots we won.

These are just some of my highlights of grade five. Grade five was a great year. Especially when I had my best friends with me in my grade and got a really good teacher.

Here are some photos of the things I did in grade five.


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