Today for science we learnt about shadows, shadows are greyish shapes that form when someone or something blocks the sunlight from hitting the ground. Shadows go the opposite direction that the sun is shining from.


Here is my shadow in the morning at about 10:30. My shadow in this photo is facing in front of me. The shadow is facing me because the sun is behind me.

shadows change over time because as the sun moves form east to  west shadow can either grow longer during sunrise and sunset. In the middle of the day there is no shadow at all.



In th is photo  we  were supposed to draw our shadow again and see how they changed. In this photo there is no shadow because the clouds are covering the sun so the suns rays are blocked.  In this photo there is only one shadow It is the clouds shadow.



Toad heaven book review

Hi every one if you have read my lit circle page you would know that I am reading toad heaven. I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Star because I don’t really like toads so I suggest that if you are not I big fan toads you won’t like the book. If you do read it make sure you read first  book before toad heaven as it was a follow up because toad heaven is in the middle of the series. If you only read toad heaven the starting chapter will confuse you. If you liked the book I suggest you read toad surprise the flollow up to toad heaven.

Fraction work

Hi everybody this is my grid picture and my pattern made on pages with a hundred grid we had to make the pictures and then write down the fractions of each colour.

image image

Try making  your own picture or pattern and put it in the comments below.

If you were wondering what they were it was a minecraft sword and a random pattern I came up with

#Dis moment

Hi everybody

My dismoment this week is that I got to be discussion director and I got to correct other people’s work but this week it was only 1 person. If you have no idea what the discussion director is check out my lit circles page or go to miss may’s blog which is on the widgets on the side.

whats your dis moment?

Italian week

This week was Italian week. On Tuesday we had a whole school Italian dress up. I dressed up as a pizza delivery man.
On Wednesday the grade 5 and 6s watch a show called la festa it was about Mario and his Nono going to a Italian festival it was really funny. On Thursday we had our Pizza and gelato lunch. I had 2 slices of Hawaiian pizza and a chocolate gelato.

free glitter text and family website at

Cause and effect is when a event happens and something else follows like, you didn’t do your homework you got in trouble.

In this task we watched a video from YouTube it was about a big fluffy monster and this green one eyed monster who brought a new car. We had to make a table on pages and list all the causes and effects.

This is my table
This is my table
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