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Yesterday we went to Montmorency Secondary College for leadership day. We were separated in to groups my group was called beige. They were a lot of different activities and games such as cops and robbers, human knot, coin in the laundry and flying blind. My favourite game was cops and robbers. The point of the game was teamwork and initiative. There was a row of chairs facing opposites ways the cops had to sit on the chairs and there could only be 1 cop running at a time. The cops can’t run through the chairs but the robbers  can. Cops have to tap other cop’s shoulders to let them run. We learnt many leadership skills like enthusiasm, strategy, cooperation, persistence, teamwork and initiative. It was a really fun and tiring day.


Today we played interschool sport.  I play for the football meteors. We played the football rockets.We tried really hard and we scored two goals and a point I am not sure what the scores where but we lost by a lot. Everyone played really well. We had really good marks and kicks.

Writing promt

Horse: I would take horses because you can use them as transport. You can also race them.

Dogs: I would take some dogs because you can teach them tricks.

They can also protect you and guard your house.

Birds:  Some birds can mimic and talk to people. They also make great pets.

Chickens: You can eat them and use it as food. You can also eat their eggs.

What animals would you choose?

What is a quality post

Typing up a blog post
Typing up a blog post

In a quality post  you must include a description of what the post is about and you also include a photo. There shouldn’t be any spelling mistakes in your post either. Make sure your post makes sense. A good post always has a question at the end to encourage discussion.

What other things do you think you can add to a post?

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