Week one

Today we had a project to help improve the environment. In my group is Liam Theodora Eden and myself. We all thought of a group name and we decided on #eco learners. We thought on 3 different idea today we choose which one we were doing our idea is to recycle batteries and give them to Aldi. Our other 2 ideas were putting icecream tubs under the taps and reuse the water to water the plants. Our second idea was to stop printing fir one day every week to save paper. Next week we are hoping to get our idea approved by the teacher and get it on the newsletter.

Week 2
This week we finnished most of our slides and found out who was doing what. We got our idea approved today we. Liam and I also made a dancing batterie on our iPads for our mascot. Next week we are hoping to talk to mrs Montgomery and get it in the newsletter and email Aldi and see if they would donate us a prize for the winner who collected the most batteries.

week 4

Hi everybody sory I haven’t updated this page last week but guess what we got our idea approved by Mrs Montgomery and we got it published in the newsletter. We called Aldi and they said they were really happy that we were helping the environment they said they would be happy to donate a small prize for the winner.  If you have any used batteries and live in Victoria you can take batteries to Aldi if you are in the same school as I am take it to room 16.

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